Creative spaces at the West Ealing Workspace Hub

Hello! We are designing West Ealing's exciting new workspace. We've had lots of great feedback for conventional desk-based working spaces, and now we're looking for input into spaces for artists, makers and creative practices. If you work in the creative industries and are interested in renting a new space, or using the facilities we will offer we'd really appreciate your ideas.

Megan & Bethan
Projects Office
What's your name?

What is the name of your business or project, if you have one?

What sort of work do you do?

How many people are in your team?

Do you currently have a working space? If yes, do you pay rent to use that space?

Are you interested in renting a space at the new Workspace Hub in West Ealing?

If yes, why? What is it about the Workspace Hub in West Ealing which is attractive to you?

Would you be willing to pay a competitive commercial rate for a space in the new Workspace Hub?

If no, could you explain why?

How often (if ever) would you use the following facilities?

These are in addition to general facilities such as a kitchen, toilets, breakout areas, broadband etc.
A fixed desk in a shared workspace

A small private office/studio

A meeting room

A large meeting room (boardroom)

Sinks and washing facilities (for painting materials etc)

A studio (for photography or film)

A sound recording studio

A laser cutting machine and/or 3D printer

A CNC machine

A shared workbench (e.g. for textiles and layouts)

A small ceramics oven

A soldering bench

A dark room

A digital production suite

A group rehearsal room

An exhibition or presentation space

Are there any other facilities you would want or need? How often would you use them?

Of the facilities listed above (or any others) which are the most important to you?

Do you have any specialist equipment you would want to bring to the new space?

Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about the workspace?

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